The Next American President 2

the next american president

The Next American President discussion in USA

the next american president
the next american president

The next American president are now a hot topic of discussion. These days better than 80 percent of stories flooding the airwaves is about what the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump who is trumpeted and what he may need meant by it. In the USA the media anchors and their invited guests spend hours dissecting and scrutinizing every word Mr. Trump utters and project how this potential next President of the foremost powerful empire on earth might put those words into action if he sits at the White House.

But Trump is trying to be the next president in USA and it isn’t the sole one whose utterances are weighed and measured; Ted Cruz and John Kasich, to not overlook their Democrat rivals, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. All of the candidates are also are making statements during their campaign tours that do deserve attention, but are being eclipsed by the Billionaire businessman’s obnoxious and unmeasured statements.

Who will be the next American president is a major topic of discussion. All American focus here is faraway from the domestic policy statements regarding such issues as immigration, abortion, jobs, education, health, etc. Albeit practically all the bickering among both Party’s candidates is sort of rightly over such subjects. My primary focus is, instead, on these presidential hopefuls’ policy agendas, and specifically with reference to America’s potential attitude and relations with Iran.

All Americans want to know of course about their next president. We should always not be naive enough to think that campaign rhetoric would necessarily translate into real action once the competition is over and therefore the choice for the new Commander-in-Chief is voted into office. what’s worth worrying about is that any campaign rhetoric is aimed toward gaining public support and winning the best number of delegates for the party nomination.

It is a main question that who is going to be the next president of the USA. What’s alarmingly sad here is that the incontrovertible fact that all our candidates, Republicans and Democrats, are singing an equivalent negative tune about Iran without the slightest hesitation or reservation, with not even an issue or challenge by the powerful and opinion-molding American media pundits. What this suggests is that a negative portrayal of Iran seems to be quite appealing to the American public at large, and catering to such pervasive sentiment is considered a useful tactical approach by all candidates.

It might be a major issue in 2020 that the presidential candidates are trying their best to win the next election. How this negative portrayal has been perpetuated may be a

subject that I even have been addressing for nearly thirty years of lecturing and writing and that i don’t shall bore the readers here and now.

A recent article on next American president by Philip Giraldi about the recent theatrical performances by all the candidates, minus Bernie Sanders, at the Israel lobby, AIPAC, in Washington, DC, where they each tried to outdo the others in their worship of the Jewish state and therefore the

hatred of Iran, may be a wonderful expose of what’s happening . allow us to not forget that even the sole left-liberal socialist candidate, Mr. Sanders, has called Iran a promoter of terrorism and regional instability, a minimum of once that I happened to possess heard! in any case , as dim as his likelihood is that , he is, nonetheless, running his campaign, too!

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