The Next American President 6

Who may be elected as the next American president 2020

The US presidential elections 2020 race is going well and hope it will be in November. The Americans are hoping for a dependable Democrat against a Republican leader will fight in the race. From all the Democrat candidates at the time US Senator Bernie Sanders announced during a surprising tread on April 8, 2020. It is important that his formal withdrawal from the competition of presidential election race against the incumbent Joe Biden. The Americans are watching it on the leadership of the Democrat Party just before the American presidential elections.

The next US election is scheduled to be happen on November 3, 2020. Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders has paved the way for Biden, who is a former Vice President and going to compete with President Donald Trump. He declared his line-up with Biden, and he expressed his attitude as “a respectable man”, and called on party helping hand and followers to back him against the running president Donald Trump.

Democratic presidential candidate 2020 Biden is criticizing Donald Trump repeatedly within the past three months. He is telling Trump to “stop talking and begin taking note of the medical experts” for the solution of the critical condition of COVID-19 in the USA. Corona virus had severe repercussions on the American people and economy.

Biden is blaming the Trump administration for not taking instant action for this Corona Pandemic. He is forcing to apply the Defense Production Act since the outbreak of the COVID-19 to force firms and corporations to supply personal and medical protection equipment.

The Americans are watching now that the impact of the corona outbreak, the running president is forcing the US to undergo a state of uncertainty. The are already near to face an economic recession which will be worse than the financial crisis of 2008. Clearly it is not a good news for the Democrats. It appears together of the foremost important indicators and it is that after four years of Trump’s tenure, this natural calamity would give the Democrats hope.

They are dreaming that the Republican president are often defeated when Americans cast their votes for Biden against Trump. We can say that however, that’s not a simple task, as many political experts within the US believe that Trump are going to be re-elected for a second term. Their logic for this presidential election prediction is as Americans care more about domestic issues, including a far better economy and business.

The next presidential election date is on November 3, 2020.  US government is taking preparation for the upcoming election. It may take place between Biden (77) and Trump (73) as other candidates have taken them out from the presidential race. Running president Trump is looking forward to winning a second term. Lots of Americans are criticizing his administration for not taking proper action against the ongoing Corona crisis.

On a recent opinion of the US Citizens polls showed that American voters may prefer Biden to Trump. Though it is not clear till now as the upcoming two months are very critical within the American political landscape. It is because how the American government would bail out the country and therefore the people. The surge in percentage that has surpassed that of the past Recession. It is depending on Trump if he plays it well within the coming few months before the election, he would convert Biden.

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