The Next Presidential election in USA and Coronavirus

the next american president

the next presidential election of America in 2020 and effect of COVID-19

the next american president
the next american president

In the USA a professor predicted that coronavirus may doom Trump in the presidential election 2020. He correctly told it before 1984 and it might be the final straw and it may be the final straw and it may be the end of the presidency of running president.

This famous predictor is Allan Lichtman who is teaching in an American University. He is telling that the damaged economy of USA may influence the next presidential election that is so near. A pandemic like COVID-19 may add strength with it and may affect to elect the next president in America.

It is one of the big issue of the election is that the economy of US is severely affected by this virus. All over the world it is a great problem and nobody knows how much we have to pay to solve this disease. Vaccine development process is on its way. Trump is in tension that he can win the next presidential election or not.

The political analyst in USA and the virologists all are concerned and it is difficult for them to predict the next American president who will be. But it is certain that this economic problem is going to be an important factor for electing the next American president.

The prediction system of Mr Lichtman is known as the ‘keys to the White House’ and in this model where he mentioned a lot of issues related to the election of 2020. One major part is that how the ongoing president is running the country and solving the problems of America.

Regarding the prediction of the presidential election theory Lichtman said that the big organizations are losing their financial strength and as  businessman like Trump more for their business so they like elect him. The present president of USA is losing this confidence of the Citizens of America.

The media, newspapers, in debates and television coverage all are discussing the president issue. According to Mr Lichtman there are lots of issues that are making problem for ongoing president. The mid term election 2018 and few foreign policy successes, lots of scandal and he is not a broadly appealing candidate for next election. Though he has lots of support from the Republican party but from rest of the electorate it has relatively less support to be elected as the next president of the United States of America.

The coronavirus outbreak is disrupting the business in USA a lot and it is becoming destructing in recent days. It is also affecting the global supply chain and the investors are becoming scared. As it is important to keep the business running but the Corona is affecting the economy of the USA so it will also affect to select the next president of US. The USA president is contacting  with his party how he can get rid of this problem.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expecting a outbreak in the USA. The director of CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases is telling that the outbreak will come and we are watching the it is already happening. Everyday thousands of people are dying and the Citizens of USA may select another person as their next president on whom they may depend a lot.


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