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the next american president
the next american president

Gretchen Andrew is a Search Engine Artist and Internet Imperialist who is working on The Next American President. She programs her vision boards and its aim is to manipulate the internet with art and desire. She was born in California, USA in 1988. She was trained with artist Billy Childish in London from 2012 to 2017. Her book ‘Search Engine Art’ was released by V&A Museum in 2018. So many famous newspapers and magazines like The Los Angeles Times, Artnet News, Dazed, Hyperallergic, Artillery and The Financial Times featured her works.

Next American President Search Engine Artist

Gretchen Andrew’s paintings might not be under the white tent, but her internet project will certainly be seen by those trying to find the large event.
What she is trying is you can type the words of her different Search Engine Art project with double inverted comma in Google image search bar. What you’ll find is that the primary row is dominated by thumb-sized interior photographs of a white-walled gallery with paintings lining the wall and a dappled grey floor.

This does not—yet—raise any red flags. The interiors appear as if they might rather be from Frieze, the art fair that opens its inaugural l. a. edition in the week . If you look closely enough, you’ll even notice that the knobby grey flooring is really a method referred to as “frieze carpeting.” The URL linked to the pictures are may be for one of her project It all seems to see out!

Except that these aren’t photos from a gallery showing at Frieze Los Angeles. They are a part of a digital performance piece and an example of what California-based artist Gretchen Andrew calls “Internet Imperialism.”

The Story of the next President of America artist
Andrew graduated from Boston College in 2010 with a degree in Information Systems that was in high demand that time and still now. From there catapulting into the upper echelons of Silicon Valley where she worked at both Intuit and Google. There she amassed the type of internet-fluency that’s just filtering right down to the likes of laypeople, gaining an understanding of how machines digest, filter, and reproduce data, and program Optimization (SEO).

Who will be the next president of America is a major search for the artist. After her two-year stint within the tech world, Andrew moved to the united kingdom , and commenced working as a studio assistant for British painter and musician  Childish. He is a famous British artist , who, it with great care happens, co-founded the Stuckism artistic movement , which advocated for the primacy of figurative painting over conceptual art.

Who is going to be the next president of America is a major search for the americans. They want to know about it and the artist want to work on the next American president. With Childish as her mentor, Andrew practiced painting by emulating his gestural brushstrokes and composition techniques. “I’d add

his studio all day, then I’d head home and recreate his paintings as practice,” she told artnet News recently during a phone interview.

Who can be the Next President of America? It is really interesting that the artist is working on this. When she posted photos of her work, she designated them as “After Childish,” a standard

method of attribution in humanistic discipline , but a distinction that Google couldn’t parse. Andrew’s works soon superseded Childish’s within the search results. The technical issue of this project is “The internet wasn’t wrong,” the artist told artnet News. After all, the keywords all made sense, and that they were technically paintings originated by Childish. But, she continues, “technology is binary—it can see black and white, but not the nuance that exists in between.” In that moment, Andrew had found how to mix her internet savvy together with her painting practice, and program Art was born.

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