The Next American President 11

The next American president election system 2020

the next american president
the next american president

The next American president political election of the president and the Vice President head of state of the United States is an indirect political election. In the election the citizens of the United States who are registered to enact one of the fifty UNITED STATE states or in Washington, D.C. They cast ballots not directly for those offices, but rather for participants of the Electoral College.

These electors of the next American president 2020 candidates for the American president after that in turn cast straight votes, referred to as electoral votes, for president, and also for vice president. The candidate that receives an absolute bulk of selecting ballots (at the very least 270 out of an overall of 538, given that the Twenty-Third Change granted ballot rights to residents of D.C. It is then elected to that workplace. If no prospect obtains an absolute majority of the elect head of state, your house of Representatives selects one of the most certifying candidate for the presidency; if no person obtains an absolute majority of the choose vice head of state, after that the Us senate elects the president.

The Electoral College for 2020 presidential elections in United States and its treatment are developed in the U.S. Constitution by Post II, Section 1, Clauses 2 and also 4; and the Twelfth Change (which changed Stipulation 3 after its approval in 1804). Under Stipulation 2, each of the states casts as many electoral ballots as the total variety of its Senators as well as Representatives in Congress, while (per the Twenty-third Modification, validated in 1961) Washington, D.C., casts the very same number of electoral votes as the least-represented state, which is three. Also under Condition 2.

The tradition of the next president of United States fashion for picking electors is established by each state legislature, not directly by the federal government. Many state legislatures previously picked their electors directly, yet over time all of them switched to using the popular ballot to figure out electors, which continues today. Once picked, electors generally cast their selecting choose the prospect that won the plurality in their state, however 18 states do not have provisions that particularly address this actions. Those who enact resistance to the plurality are known as “faithless” or “unpledged” electors. In contemporary times, faithless and unpledged electors have actually not influenced the ultimate result of an election, so the results can normally be established based on the state-by-state popular ballot.

The next American president for Democratic party specially will be elected in a quadrennial system with registered voters casting their ballots on Political election Day, which given that 1845 has been the initial Tuesday after November 1. This day accompanies the general political elections of various other government, state, and neighborhood races; because city governments are in charge of taking care of political elections, these races typically all appear on one ballot. The Electoral University electors after that officially cast their electoral ballots on the very first Monday after December 12 at their particular state resources. Congress then licenses the cause early January, and the presidential term starts on Launch Day, which given that the passage of the Twentieth Modification has actually been evaluated January 20.

The Next American President – Democratic party primaries 2020

The Next American President 2020 election – Democratic Party presidential primaries

the next american president
the next american president

The Next American President is important for 2020 Democratic candidate for governmental primaries and caucuses are a series of selecting contests. It is organized by the Democratic Party to select the around 3,979 pledged delegates to the 2020 Autonomous National Convention. Those delegates will elect the Autonomous nominee for president of the USA in the 2020 UNITED STATE presidential political election. Democrat candidate collects at least 1,991 promised delegates by the DNC convention in August (formerly July), they will be the nominee. The elections are taking place from February to August 2020 in all fifty UNITED STATE states, the District of Columbia, 5 UNITED STATE regions, and amongst Democrats Abroad.

The next American president will be selected by independent of the result of primaries and caucuses, the Democratic Event will, from its team of event leaders as well as chosen authorities. Likewise designate 771 unpledged delegates (super delegates) to join its national convention. In comparison to all previous election cycles considering that super delegates were presented in 1984.

Super delegates of the president of the United States will certainly no longer can cast crucial ballots at the convention’s first tally for the presidential election. They will be permitted to cast non-decisive ballots if a candidate has actually secured the nomination before the initial tally, or decisive ballots on succeeding ballots in an objected to convention.

In general, Democratic party candidates, there were 29 significant Autonomous presidential candidates in the 2020 political election. For six weeks around July 2019, 25 of these had active campaigns at the same time. On April 8, 2020, previous Vice President Joe Biden became the presumptive nominee after Senator Bernie Sanders, the just various other significant candidate left, suspended his project. Sanders endorsed Biden a couple of days later.

The Next American President democratic candidate details  

After Hillary Clinton’s loss in the previous political election, many felt the Democratic Party lacked a clear leading number. Departments continued to be in the party following the 2016 primaries, which matched Clinton versus Bernie Sanders. Joe Biden as the next American president election 2020 possible candidate.

Between the 2016 election and also the 2018 midterm political elections, Senate Democrats normally changed to the political left in connection with university migration, health care, and also tuition. The 2018 political elections saw the Democratic Celebration gain back your house of Reps for the first time in 8 years, getting seats in both city and suburban areas.

The 2020 Democratic governmental candidates came to a head at greater than two dozen major candidates. According to Politick, this area is believed to be the largest field of governmental prospects for any American political party considering that 1972. The candidate surpasses the area of 17 significant candidates who sought the Republican governmental election in 2016 In May 2019.

CBS News described the field of 2020 Autonomous presidential prospects as “the biggest and most diverse Democratic main field in modern history”, including 6 major female governmental prospects as well as 7 significant candidates of African, Hispanic, Asian, or Pacific Islander origins.

The Next American President and foreign policy

The Next American President candidate Bernie Sanders foreign policies

the next american president
the next american president

The next American President runner of United State Bernie Sanders is the Senator from Vermont. The Americans are assuming that he will be probable competitor with Donald Trump in the next United States election in 2020.

Business trade with China after the next American president election

Since the China trade deal I voted against, America has lost over 3 million production jobs. It’s wrong to claim that China isn’t one of our significant financial rivals. When we are in the White House we will win that competition by fixing our trade plans. Bernie stated it in a Tweeter post.

Policy with Yemen

Presidential Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders said that the bottom line is that the United States need to not be supporting a catastrophic battle led by a despotic regimen with a irresponsible and also dangerous foreign policy.” In a senate floor speech he stated this.

How the next US president will deal with North Korea

He said that he assume, look, nuclear tools in the hands of a brutal, irresponsible oppressor is a negative suggestion. And if Trump can succeed … through face-to-face meetings with Kim Jong Un and clear that country of nuclear tools, that is a very good thing.

The Next American president and Saudi Arabia

The Democratic candidate told that this is a despotic dictatorship that does not endure dissent, that deals with ladies as third-class residents, and also has invested the last several decades exporting a really severe type of Islam around the globe. Saudi Arabia is presently ravaging the nation of Yemen in a devastating battle in alliance with the USA. He said this in a speech at the Johns Hopkins University speech.

I helped lead the initiative for the first time to use the War Powers Act to get the United States out of these Saudi-led intervention in Yemen, which is one of the most horrific altruistic catastrophe in the world. He supplied this speech at a very first autonomous discussion.

The Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman  is a killer. And it’s not just his murder of Jamal Khashoggi. He murders many people. He treats ladies as third-class residents as well as he runs a routine which is very opposed to democracy. This is not a country which needs to be our ally. We’re misting likely to transform our connection with tyrannies all over the world, and also as we transfer to lasting power, we are not misting likely to be requiring their oil any kind of longer. Mr. Sanders said this speech at Nevada.

The next American President jogger Bernie Sanders is the Legislator from Vermont. The Americans are believing that he will certainly be possible rival with Donald Trump in the following United States political election in 2020.” I believe, look, nuclear tools in the hands of a ruthless, irresponsible tyrant is a negative suggestion. And also if Trump can prosper- with in person meetings with Kim Jong Un as well as free that country of nuclear weapons, that is an extremely great thing. We’re going to alter our connection with dictatorships all over the globe, and as we move to lasting energy, we are not going to need their oil any longer.

The Next Presidential election in USA and Coronavirus

the next presidential election of America in 2020 and effect of COVID-19

the next american president
the next american president

In the USA a professor predicted that coronavirus may doom Trump in the presidential election 2020. He correctly told it before 1984 and it might be the final straw and it may be the final straw and it may be the end of the presidency of running president.

This famous predictor is Allan Lichtman who is teaching in an American University. He is telling that the damaged economy of USA may influence the next presidential election that is so near. A pandemic like COVID-19 may add strength with it and may affect to elect the next president in America.

It is one of the big issue of the election is that the economy of US is severely affected by this virus. All over the world it is a great problem and nobody knows how much we have to pay to solve this disease. Vaccine development process is on its way. Trump is in tension that he can win the next presidential election or not.

The political analyst in USA and the virologists all are concerned and it is difficult for them to predict the next American president who will be. But it is certain that this economic problem is going to be an important factor for electing the next American president.

The prediction system of Mr Lichtman is known as the ‘keys to the White House’ and in this model where he mentioned a lot of issues related to the election of 2020. One major part is that how the ongoing president is running the country and solving the problems of America.

Regarding the prediction of the presidential election theory Lichtman said that the big organizations are losing their financial strength and as  businessman like Trump more for their business so they like elect him. The present president of USA is losing this confidence of the Citizens of America.

The media, newspapers, in debates and television coverage all are discussing the president issue. According to Mr Lichtman there are lots of issues that are making problem for ongoing president. The mid term election 2018 and few foreign policy successes, lots of scandal and he is not a broadly appealing candidate for next election. Though he has lots of support from the Republican party but from rest of the electorate it has relatively less support to be elected as the next president of the United States of America.

The coronavirus outbreak is disrupting the business in USA a lot and it is becoming destructing in recent days. It is also affecting the global supply chain and the investors are becoming scared. As it is important to keep the business running but the Corona is affecting the economy of the USA so it will also affect to select the next president of US. The USA president is contacting  with his party how he can get rid of this problem.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expecting a outbreak in the USA. The director of CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases is telling that the outbreak will come and we are watching the it is already happening. Everyday thousands of people are dying and the Citizens of USA may select another person as their next president on whom they may depend a lot.


The Next American President 6

Who may be elected as the next American president 2020

The US presidential elections 2020 race is going well and hope it will be in November. The Americans are hoping for a dependable Democrat against a Republican leader will fight in the race. From all the Democrat candidates at the time US Senator Bernie Sanders announced during a surprising tread on April 8, 2020. It is important that his formal withdrawal from the competition of presidential election race against the incumbent Joe Biden. The Americans are watching it on the leadership of the Democrat Party just before the American presidential elections.

The next US election is scheduled to be happen on November 3, 2020. Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders has paved the way for Biden, who is a former Vice President and going to compete with President Donald Trump. He declared his line-up with Biden, and he expressed his attitude as “a respectable man”, and called on party helping hand and followers to back him against the running president Donald Trump.

Democratic presidential candidate 2020 Biden is criticizing Donald Trump repeatedly within the past three months. He is telling Trump to “stop talking and begin taking note of the medical experts” for the solution of the critical condition of COVID-19 in the USA. Corona virus had severe repercussions on the American people and economy.

Biden is blaming the Trump administration for not taking instant action for this Corona Pandemic. He is forcing to apply the Defense Production Act since the outbreak of the COVID-19 to force firms and corporations to supply personal and medical protection equipment.

The Americans are watching now that the impact of the corona outbreak, the running president is forcing the US to undergo a state of uncertainty. The are already near to face an economic recession which will be worse than the financial crisis of 2008. Clearly it is not a good news for the Democrats. It appears together of the foremost important indicators and it is that after four years of Trump’s tenure, this natural calamity would give the Democrats hope.

They are dreaming that the Republican president are often defeated when Americans cast their votes for Biden against Trump. We can say that however, that’s not a simple task, as many political experts within the US believe that Trump are going to be re-elected for a second term. Their logic for this presidential election prediction is as Americans care more about domestic issues, including a far better economy and business.

The next presidential election date is on November 3, 2020.  US government is taking preparation for the upcoming election. It may take place between Biden (77) and Trump (73) as other candidates have taken them out from the presidential race. Running president Trump is looking forward to winning a second term. Lots of Americans are criticizing his administration for not taking proper action against the ongoing Corona crisis.

On a recent opinion of the US Citizens polls showed that American voters may prefer Biden to Trump. Though it is not clear till now as the upcoming two months are very critical within the American political landscape. It is because how the American government would bail out the country and therefore the people. The surge in percentage that has surpassed that of the past Recession. It is depending on Trump if he plays it well within the coming few months before the election, he would convert Biden.

The Next American President candidate Joe Biden -5

Will the Next American President might be Joe Biden or who?

The 2020 American presidential campaign of Joe Biden began on April 25, 2019. At that time he released a video announcing his candidacy within the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries. Biden, the previous American Vice President of the USA and a former U.S. senator from Delaware, had been the topic of widespread speculation as a possible 2020 candidate after declining to be a candidate within the 2016 election.

Biden is usually described as a moderate. His positions include codifying Roe v. Wade into statute, a public option for insurance , decriminalization of recreational cannabis, passing the Equality Act, free junior college , and a $1.7 trillion climate plan embracing the framework of the Green New Deal. He supports regulation as against an entire ban on fracking.

As a former vice chairman , Biden entered the race with very high name recognition. From his campaign announcement up to the beginning of elections, he has been the candidate most identified because the frontrunner. He led most national polls through 2019, but didn’t rank together of the highest three candidates in either the 2020 Iowa Democratic caucuses or the New Hampshire Democratic primary. He won a landslide victory within the 2020 South Carolina Democratic primary on leap day , 2020, which was widely seen as reinvigorating his campaign. In March, Biden was endorsed by 10 of his former competitors, bringing the entire number of such endorsements to 12. Biden earned enough delegates on Super Tuesday 2020 to tug before Senator Bernie Sanders. On April 8, after Sanders suspended his campaign, Biden became the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

Previous presidential campaigns

Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign is his third plan to seek election for president of the us . His first campaign was made within the 1988 Democratic Party primaries where he was initially considered one among the doubtless strongest candidates. However, newspapers revealed plagiarism by Biden in school of law records and in speeches, a scandal which led to his withdrawal from the race in September 1987.

He made the second attempt during the 2008 Democratic Party primaries, where he focused on his decide to achieve political success within the Iraq War through a system of federalization. Like his first presidential bid, Biden did not garner endorsements and support. He withdrew from the race after his poor performance within the Iowa caucus in January 3, 2008. He was eventually chosen by Barack Obama as his campaigner and won the overall election as vice chairman of the us , being sworn in on January 20, 2009.

Speculation of the presidential campaign
Vice President Joe Biden was seen as a possible candidate to succeed Barack Obama within the 2016 presidential election. On October 21, 2015, following the death of his son Beau, Biden announced that he wouldn’t seek the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016.

During a tour of the us Senate with reporters on December 5, 2016, Biden refused to rule out a possible bid for the presidency within the 2020 presidential election. He reasserted his ambivalence about running on an appearance of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on December 7, during which he stated “never say never” about running for president in 2020, while also admitting he didn’t see a scenario during which he would run office again. He seemingly announced on January 13, 2017, exactly one week before the expiration of his vice presidency , that he wouldn’t run. However, four days later, he appeared to backtrack, stating “I’ll run if I can walk.” In September 2017, Biden’s daughter Ashley indicated her belief that he was brooding about running in 2020

The Next American President candidate Donald Trump 4

Donald Trump as the next american president candidate.

The 2020 Donald Trump presidential campaign is an ongoing re-election campaign by President of the us Donald Trump, who took office on January 20, 2017.
Donald Trump began his reelection campaign unusually early for an incumbent president. He began spending his reelection effort within weeks of his election and officially filed his campaign with the Federal committee on the day of his inauguration. Since February 2017, Trump has held several rallies and fundraisers for this campaign. He has visited key electoral states. The campaign has raised funds and run two nationwide advertising campaigns. Trump has confirmed in several stump speeches that the slogans for the 2020 race are going to be “Keep America Great” and “Promises Made, Promises Kept”.
On November 7, 2018, Trump confirmed that Mike Pence would be his vice presidential campaigner in 2020.[16] On June 18, 2019, Trump held a politician campaign launch event at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.

Trump’s predecessors merged their campaign committees into their party’s committee following their election victories. Following his 2016 election victory, Trump eschewed this presidential tradition and retained a separate campaign committee which continued raising funds. In December 2016, the campaign raised $11 million.[19] These moves indicated that Trump was already eyeing a 2020 run.
Trump started pocket money on the 2020 race on November 24, 2016 (sixteen days after the top of the 2016 election). The earliest campaign disbursement that his committees reported was spent towards the 2020 presidential primaries was for the acquisition of a Delta Air Lines ticket on this date.
Trump officially filed his reelection campaign with the FEC on January 20, 2017, the day of his inauguration. Trump launched his reelection campaign earlier in his presidency than his predecessors did. Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Clinton , George H. W. Bush and Reagan all declared their candidacies for reelection within the third year of their presidencies. Trump filed the papers for his reelection campaign approximately 47 months before the date of the election.In contrast, both Reagan and George H. W. Bush filed approximately twelve months, George W. Bush filed approximately eighteen, and both Clinton and Obama filed approximately nineteen months before the date of the election.
While previous presidents had held rallies within the youth of their presidency to garner support for legislation, such rallies differed from those held by Trump therein they were funded by the White House instead of by campaign committees. one among the benefits of getting his campaign committee fund the events is that organizers can more discriminately screen attendees, refusing entry to non-supporters. Trump’s February 2017 rally in Melbourne, Florida, was the earliest campaign rally for an incumbent president.
By filing for his campaign as early as he did, Trump gave also himself a start on fundraising. this will theoretically help discourage primary challengers.
Since his three predecessors (Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama) won reelection, if Trump is reelected, it might be the primary time in American history that there are four consecutive presidents who were elected to 2 terms.

The Next American President 3

Next American President is important for common citizens

Who will be the next president in USA is very important. Now more than 80% Americans are aware about it. All Democratic and Republican presidential candidates are taking preparation. Running US President Donald Trump, trumpeted and he is also taking preparation for next US election.

2020 presidential election prediction has influenced the media anchors and their invited guests spend hours dissecting and scrutinizing every word Mr. Trump utters. They are trying to find out who will win the 2020 election. Because it is very important for the world politics because USA has an important influence on the events of world.

Democrat president candidates 2020 are trying for their own favor. Running US President Trump isn’t the sole one whose utterances are weighed and measured as some people guess with less value of his words. Two other candidates are Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

Presidential candidate all are not overlook their Democrat rivals. The two most important candidates are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. They are also making statements during their campaign tours and people are drawing their attention.

Presidential election day 2019 are being eclipsed by the Billionaire businessman’s obnoxious and all are thought unmeasured statements. What I want to focus here is faraway from the domestic policy statements. It is regarding the issues as immigration, abortion, jobs, education, health, etc.

Presidential candidates poll will be arranged well. Albeit practically all the bickering among both Party’s candidates is sort of rightly over such subjects.  What I want to focus primarily is, instead, on these presidential hopefuls’ policy agendas. All democratic candidates 2020 list and specifically with reference to America’s potential attitude and relations with the enemy country like Iran.

Current presidential candidates of course, we should always not be naive enough to think that campaign rhetoric would necessarily translate into real action. What I want to mean is once the competition is over and therefore the choice for the new Commander-in-Chief is voted into office.

How many democrats are running for the election 2020 is an important issue. What’s worth worrying about is that any campaign rhetoric is aimed toward gaining support from the ordinary people and winning the best number of delegates for the party nomination.

Republican debate 2019 was important and what’s alarmingly sad here is that the incontrovertible fact that all our candidates are thinking to compete for the next presidential election. Here the Republicans and Democrats, are singing an equivalent negative tune about Iran.

Here it is an odd question after the Covid 19 attach is that without the slightest hesitation or reservation, with not even an issue or challenge by the powerful and opinion-molding American media pundits. It is really important for all the partners. They all suggest that it is a negative portrayal of Iran seems to be quite appealing to the American public at large.

US election of 2020 is really important for USA and the rest of the world. We still don’t know who will be the next American president but it will be done here. All the campaigns will all catering to such pervasive sentiment is considered a useful tactical approach by all candidates.

The Next American President 2

The Next American President discussion in USA

the next american president
the next american president

The next American president are now a hot topic of discussion. These days better than 80 percent of stories flooding the airwaves is about what the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump who is trumpeted and what he may need meant by it. In the USA the media anchors and their invited guests spend hours dissecting and scrutinizing every word Mr. Trump utters and project how this potential next President of the foremost powerful empire on earth might put those words into action if he sits at the White House.

But Trump is trying to be the next president in USA and it isn’t the sole one whose utterances are weighed and measured; Ted Cruz and John Kasich, to not overlook their Democrat rivals, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. All of the candidates are also are making statements during their campaign tours that do deserve attention, but are being eclipsed by the Billionaire businessman’s obnoxious and unmeasured statements.

Who will be the next American president is a major topic of discussion. All American focus here is faraway from the domestic policy statements regarding such issues as immigration, abortion, jobs, education, health, etc. Albeit practically all the bickering among both Party’s candidates is sort of rightly over such subjects. My primary focus is, instead, on these presidential hopefuls’ policy agendas, and specifically with reference to America’s potential attitude and relations with Iran.

All Americans want to know of course about their next president. We should always not be naive enough to think that campaign rhetoric would necessarily translate into real action once the competition is over and therefore the choice for the new Commander-in-Chief is voted into office. what’s worth worrying about is that any campaign rhetoric is aimed toward gaining public support and winning the best number of delegates for the party nomination.

It is a main question that who is going to be the next president of the USA. What’s alarmingly sad here is that the incontrovertible fact that all our candidates, Republicans and Democrats, are singing an equivalent negative tune about Iran without the slightest hesitation or reservation, with not even an issue or challenge by the powerful and opinion-molding American media pundits. What this suggests is that a negative portrayal of Iran seems to be quite appealing to the American public at large, and catering to such pervasive sentiment is considered a useful tactical approach by all candidates.

It might be a major issue in 2020 that the presidential candidates are trying their best to win the next election. How this negative portrayal has been perpetuated may be a

subject that I even have been addressing for nearly thirty years of lecturing and writing and that i don’t shall bore the readers here and now.

A recent article on next American president by Philip Giraldi about the recent theatrical performances by all the candidates, minus Bernie Sanders, at the Israel lobby, AIPAC, in Washington, DC, where they each tried to outdo the others in their worship of the Jewish state and therefore the

hatred of Iran, may be a wonderful expose of what’s happening . allow us to not forget that even the sole left-liberal socialist candidate, Mr. Sanders, has called Iran a promoter of terrorism and regional instability, a minimum of once that I happened to possess heard! in any case , as dim as his likelihood is that , he is, nonetheless, running his campaign, too!

The Next American President 1

Who will be The Next American President, Oprah Winfrey or Trump

the next american president
the next american president

Who will be  the Next American President. It all started as a joke in Seth Meyers opening monologue at the Golden Globes 2018. This person mentioned his 2011 White House correspondents dinner gig. The one where he joked about Donald Trump not being qualified for president of USA. “Some have said that night convinced him to run. So, if that’s true, I just want to say: Oprah, you’ll never be president!”

An hour later Oprah took to the stage for delivering her address as she received the Cecile B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award. Yes and she or he proved just how right she is going to be within the Oval Office .
Oprah Winfrey had everything against her as a candidate for next American President election. A disturbed childhood, her gender and her race. She fought against these enormous odds. She not only won her personal battle, but helped others in their fight too.

In her powerful speech to be the Next American President at the Golden Globe Awards as the next American President candidate she first recognized that she is conscious of being the primary Black woman to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award. The way she was inspired when Sydney Portiere was the primary Black man to receive an equivalent award in 1964. Oprah invoked the facility of the press to uncover corruption and falsehood.

The Next American President candidate and political actors, the press and other outsiders are vilified and their actions subverted under Trump’s administration. There’s a dystopian air, and every one freedom of expressions seems to be stifled. The ruling powers are using falsehood for his or her vested interest. Trump’s nuclear threats to North Korea are an instance how the administration is being run sort of a personal fiefdom.

Donald Trump is the running American President and Oprah went on to increase the subversion of truth to the #MeToo campaign. The #MeToo movement really began on October 15 in response to allegations of harassment against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Oprah as the next American President candidate gave a high call to all or any men and ladies to talk their truth because the most powerful story against the dark times. and she or he warned the brutal men in positions of power that their time is up. This message be her signature if she decided to run American Presidency.

President Trump even weighed in when a reporter asked him whether he could beat Winfrey. He is also the next American President candidate said . “Yeah, I’d beat Oprah,” Trump said before quickly switching gears. “Oprah would be tons of fun.” “We welcome the challenge, whether it’s Oprah Winfrey or anybody else,” White House spokesman Hogan Gidley told reporters.

But the keenness round of the next American President the mere hope of Oprah’s presidency reveals an uncomfortable truth. That probably the American people see through the whimsical administration. and should be, are able to make history if Oprah becomes the primary black and first woman President of America.