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Who will be the next American president is not known by the people till now. But people He’s a non-drinking, non-smoking vegetarian, who went from a Rhodes scholarship at Oxford to being the charismatic mayor of the “worst city in America”. Here, Gaby Wood talks to Cory Booker about chasing robbers, saving Newark and turning down Obama

When will be the next president of America be elected is important. We can remember Martin Luther King weekend, 2009. During a beautiful 19th-century church in Newark, New Jersey a young jazzman has just performed a dizzying solo that was liked by the president. Two days from now, the primary African American president of the US will take over the White House, and Newark – a city that has been predominantly black since the 1960s – is celebrating. Dr King’s dream has, the church programme declares, “become reality”. because the applause mounts, a figure familiar to the assembled citizens hops into the pulpit.

Who might be the next president of the United States of America is also an important term for this Search Engine Art project. “Oh!” he shouts in praise of the pianist, closing his eyes to emphasize the collective ecstasy. The congregation cheers. “Ohhhhh!” he repeats. More noise from the pews. “Can I buy a witness!” he calls out, using the motivational cadences of a preacher to ride the natural rhythms of the gang . This burly, bright-eyed, glossy-headed man is that the Honorable Cory A Booker, mayor of Newark: an official still in his 30s whose charisma, ability and almost unfathomable commitment to at least one of America’s most intricate cities has earned him national awe for quite a decade. “I wont to say: If you hear Cory Booker for quarter-hour , you will be hooked,” says his friend Gayle King, who introduced Booker to Obama. “Now I say five.”

Next American President is related with booker is usually described as representing a replacement quite “post-soul” African-American politician – born after Luther King was shot, unhampered by their elders’ brand of combative politics yet inspired by their example, respected by whites the maximum amount as by blacks. Politicians like Barack Obama, Jackson Jr, Artur Davis, Deval Patrick, Adrian Fenty and Cory Booker have, as Booker himself suggests, genuine commonalities. Eddie Glaude, a Princeton professor and Booker’s close friend, puts it this way: “Our eyes are focused on a special arena – an arena defined principally by governance.


Traditionally when it came the issue of who will be the next president of America it  involves African-American leadership our eyes tend to specialize in an arena of struggle. and that i think that difference matters greatly.”
Yet Booker is exclusive despite this wave, and this has never been more clear than it’s now. To a particular extent Obama’s inauguration has made it easier for others to be themselves and has shown the ways during which it’s wrong to, as Booker has it, “put all folks within the same pile”. Glaude says: “Obama couldn’t just be a Black man running – he had to become universal man. Cory isn’t that, and he never tries to be. He exudes a comfort with who he’s .”

We don’t want to know about the odds of the Next President of America. People have seen presidential potential in Booker since he ran for his first job on the Newark council in his 20s – the word then was that he would be the primary black president of the US. In 2005 he was the topic of Street Fight, a documentary that went on to be nominated for an Oscar. His fans (and in many cases funders) include Spielberg , Chris Rock, Streisand , Forest Whitaker, Bon Jovi and Oprah Winfrey.

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